Tools, Equipment & Materials Policy

Version 1.4
Effective Date 05/09/2022


Statement of Policy

The Glenmavis Group aim to provide all customers the highest quality of work and all employees the safest possible working conditions. As part of a holistic approach, we have created this policy to detail the guidelines relating to the usage of tools, equipment & materials in its work.

To whom does the policy apply?

  • Employees
  • Contract workers
  • Agency workers
  • Trainee workers and students on work experience or placements
  • Volunteer workers


All tools, equipment and materials will be purchased from an approved supplier who is recognised as meeting or exceeding civil engineering industry standards. All tools and equipment purchased will be industry recognised brands that have a proven track record of safety and reliability in usage.


All tools & equipment will be maintained and serviced regularly in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. If any defect is discovered, the equipment will be placed out of service and will not be allowed to be used until it has been safely repaired by a competent person or replaced.


All Glenmavis Group employees will utilise the correct kind of tools, equipment and materials provided that best meet the requirements of the job with cognisance of all applicable civil engineering standards and best practice.


This policy has been accepted by the Glenmavis Group and authorised to take effect from 05/09/2022.

Hugh Smith
Hugh Smith
James Smith
James Smith